Pepsi, Nike, Apple, Mercedes Benz, Levis : When you look at successful renowned brands or even hear about them, the first thing that comes to your memory is their logo that sticks right on target apart from their names.

A logo is clearly the single element that represents your brand wholly. A lifetime’s asset to your brand, the logo has to be so effective that it stands tall beyond time.

An effective logo should be

Simple in language, Memorable in nature, Timeless in trend, Versatile in all mediums, Appropriate in intent.

Take Apple for instance. You will never mistake the logo of Apple for any other company even when you drive past it on a billboard at 100 KMPH. That’s the strength of a solid logo.

At Designpluz, we understand the essence and importance of this and deliver you the best when it comes to logo design. We make sure it not just the graphical representation but also an allied partnership that your logo will do with all the other branding elements like collaterals, website, product packaging and so on.

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