A little bit about
who we are

Designpluz is a creative branding & digital design agency in Coimbatore. We help businesses take their brands to new heights.

Designpluz is creative design and digital agency based in Coimbatore with 14+ years’ experience. We are team of professionals expertise in logo design, graphic design, brochure design, product package design, website design, e-commerce, seo and much more.

Our team is energized with passion and loaded with creativity; we want to create what is best for our client’s business because it your business that drives our creative thinking.

Why Choose

Great brands deserve
great communication..

It all starts with the right message to the right audience. With sensible planning, nothing can go wrong in communicating your products, services, vision and brand values to the customer world. With everything in place, what else do you need? A creative partner to execute it all smartly! That’s where Designpluz comes into play.

At Designpluz, we provide an integrated marketing strategy that will help your brand to communicate with your preferred audience. “In our creative partnership, winning is a shared habit and team work is the key”.


Consultative Model

Let it be the logo to start with or a social media campaign to scale with, at Designpluz, we are always open to listen to your needs and add on values that will shape the project positively. Just like a partner, we empower you with the right set of advices with the desired amount of space for us to work as a team in achieving the end results.



As a new age company with a vision for the future and a rich expertise gained from the past experience, it is a vital combination of thoughts that we apply at Designpluz, in every task we deliver to you. We make sure that in our approach we tone the deliverables in a way that excels your expectation and exceeds the limitations.


Tangible Creativity

When it comes to creativity, we make to address the real problem in place with a solution that works perfect, adding an entirely new dimension on the top of it when delivering the output. Having said that, we make sure we don’t dilute the intent or the interest of you in anyway. At Designpluz, we do it practical and calculate it economically. At the end of the day, it is value for money that we deliver.


Experience & Expertise

With over 8 sensible years of experience in managing digital media solutions for over 1000+ clients, you can bank on us with our ability to deliver solutions that reflect your brand values and attract success. Let it be building websites that stick or creating a brochure that speaks or running a social media campaign that spreads viral: Designpluz does it all in style.

designpluz value

Value for Money

NO, we are not cheaper than our competition.
YES, we provide value for your money.That’s sums up our strategy when it comes to pricing. We don’t believe in bargaining on a price that you feel happy for but trust in our works that exceeds your expectations. In fact in our creative partnership, it is always a little extra that we deliver out of our interest than what we promised. Ask our clients; they testify happiness and success, unanimously.

designpluz time

On Time, Every Time

It takes the right message to reach the right audience, the right way, most importantly at the right time to achieve success. At Designpluz, we include a smart timeline right from the inception and set short milestones to be ticked periodically. With enough room for iterations, we make sure the output comes well before the stipulated time to be staged successfully. After all, time is money. We spend it wise and save enough for you to relish on the success.

Let’s Work Together